Border Town

An independent design studio about divided cities, led by Emily Horne & Tim Maly.

Border Town Design Jam

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  1. Border Town Participants

    We are delighted to announce our Border Town design studio participants. Over the next 10 weeks this group will be getting together to think about and then make work that addresses the architectural and design problems that we find in cities built on or divided by borders and conflict zones.

    Thank you to everyone who applied. The response was wonderful.

    Greg J. Smith Spatial Researcher & Designer (

    Greg J. Smith is a Toronto-based designer and researcher with interests in media theory and digital culture. Extending from a background in architecture, his research considers how contemporary information paradigms affect representational and spatial systems. Greg is a partner at the Toronto design firm Mission Specialist and teaches courses on technology, urbanism and web culture within the CCIT Program (University of Toronto – Mississauga/Sheridan College).

    Jordan Hale Designer & Geographer (

    Jordan is a graphic designer and political geographer whose research examines the emotional dimensions of militarization in Canadian cities. She is one-half of the design studio Mission Specialist and a part-time caretaker of a university map collection.

    Cyrus Irani Designer & Photographer (

    Design partner at the creative company Level, Cyrushas also documented urban archaeology through photography for over 10 years, with recent projects that feature the demolition of US customs security areas, detention cells, and other zones of control inside the former Terminal 2 at Pearson international airport.

    Maggie Flynn Multidisciplinary Artist (

    Maggie maintains a practice in community arts, critical pedagogy and performance and installation art. She has developed this working with such organizations as the Anarchist Free University, Creative Works Studios, and TheatrePeace in Toronto and El Centro de Intercambio in El Salvador.

    Lea Albaugh Artist and Game Designer (

    Lea did the first four years of a five-year architecture program before deciding that physical buildings are just too limited as a medium. She studies the intersection of art, architecture, and design, and constructs meaningful human experiences in a wide variety of media.

    Madeline Ashby Writer (

    Madeline is a science fiction writer, anime fan, futurist-in-training, and immigrant. Her work has appeared in Nature, FLURB, WorldChanging, Escape Pod, Transformative Works & Cultures, SFSignal,,, and is forthcoming to both and a December 2011 book on reputation economies from MIT Press.

    Jay Hurtig Fraser Print & Video Designer (

    Jay studied print design and the principles of branding as well as the theoretical aspects of graphic design in school. Afterward he began to work in the TV industry and applied my learning to motion graphics. Since then he has specialized in creating opening title sequences, complete channel branding packages and animated music videos.

    David Rusak Writer (

    David is a writer/editor/dilettante, most recently with the Walrus. He is fascinated by people, the systems they create, and the interactions between them.

    Neil Yan Architecture Student (

    Neil is a native of Kunming, China. He moved to Canada at the age of 15, and lived briefly in Moncton, New Brunswick before moving to Toronto to finish his secondary education. Currently he is involved in design projects with colleagues at Bartlett’s Unit 6 in London, UK.

    Andrew Lovett-Barron Interaction Designer (

    Andrew is an Interaction Designer focused on the intersection of interactive technologies, human behaviour, and physical space. His goal is to apply his knowledge of design, research, and technology in explorations around networked urbanism and architecture, interactive spaces, computational objects, and ubiquitous computing.

    Albert Chao Artist & Architecture Student (

    Albert has a background in sculpture, architecture and media study, and is interested in devices that mediate everyday interactions. His media sound practice is entitled Jarring Sound Series and consists of work where he poses two questions: what are jarring sounds? How do we use language to contain, represent and map sounds?

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